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Cases & Bankruptcy

ٍEl Sayed El Ayouty السيد العيوطي
El Sayed El Ayouty السيد العيوطي

• We carefully select our staff to match their potential and abilities to the needs of our clients, and have extensive experience in various activities and works in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition, we support them in completing their professional qualifications internally and externally.
• We have experienced specialists with a long history in performing the following actions: 

• Assuming the duties of the judicial guard and carry out all the relevant procedures.
• Assuming the duties of liquidation for estates and establishments with different activities.
• The liquidation of real estate and estate property outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
• Assuming all types of bankruptcy procedures:
• Preventive settlement – financial reorganization – liquidation.
• Study financial disputes and issue reports prepared for the judiciary.
• Providing judicial authorities with information and supporting evidence in order to address business and/or other judicial issues.
• Financial and criminal accounting.
• Writing evidence-backed reports related to crimes of fraud and financial embezzlement.

We provide our services in accordance with a professional performance consistent with the approved regulations and professional standards issued by the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants. This is done through a working group composed of experienced professionals and administrators with diverse expertise related to the field of auditing of all types of companies, the work of judicial guards and liquidations and experience in preparing special reports in financial disputes. They are eager to provide the highest standards of service and constructive solutions for our clients. We have also put the matters into the hands of elite partners and managers who supervise and lead the work themselves, to ensure that the workflow keeps pace with continuously development and growth.
Our partners are also licensed by the bankruptcy committee to conduct bankruptcy proceedings of every type.
Regarding the preparation of the financial disputes reports prepared for the judiciary and other judicial guards, a teamwork is carefully selected for any task consisting of managers, consultants and assistants who have enough knowledge and experience to run the work of judicial guarding and liquidations. Moreover, they have the practical and scientific qualification. And They are supervised directly by the partner responsible for the assignment.

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